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Wisconsin Rapids Style Statements in Wallpaper and Paint

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The interior experts at Tom's Paint & Decorating in Wisconsin Rapids know that the least expensive paint or least-quality wallpaper is not always the best choice! Selecting and paying a slight premium price for a name-brand wallpaper or interior paint must be considered when reviewing your options and budget.

The paint or wallpaper quality must match its application ("Screenager" high-schooler's room? Dad's home office? A humid kitchen or shower room? A restaurant smoking lounge?) in order to save you the most time between the original application and needed touch-ups down the road.
Talk to us about your needs, and we'll explain all the options!


Often the premium you pay for name-brand quality paints, wallpapers, or blinds is well-worth the consideration. Our name-brand products are made with quality, long-lasting materials, and are designed to continue to meet your needs and stay looking fresh for many years, possibly decades, to come.

Let us recommend name brands that will serve you well and are made with pride and quality, so that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. Some of our brands include:

If your paints or wall coverings are to stand the test of time, consider the high-quality of these name brands!


Quality wall coverings, paints, and wallpapers can greatly enhance the items you hang on those walls.

We can recommend many beautiful frames from our inventory and sample books, or we can recommend any one of a number of styles custom frames and custom materials.

Pictures of a patriarch, a family tree, or a picture of your business founder and the company legacy should all be properly highlighted and accented with a custom created frame.  

Call to let us advise you on all your options and let us make our recommendations!
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