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Custom Art Frames and More in Wisconsin Rapids

Various different picture frames


Nothing defines who you are as a home or business owner like the interior of your building. And nothing compliments your interior paint and wallpaper like your choice of art, wall hangings, and pictures!

Choose frames from the Tom's Paint & Decorating inventory to have us create a custom frame that will beautifully accent your art, personal photos, or historical and sports memorabilia.

Let's work as a team and spruce up your pictures and artwork with new frames today!


No one wants to look at a drab or empty wall. The proper choice of wallpaper or paint and paint finishes is just the beginning.

Why not accent your walls with pictures of your family, your employees, employee of the month, business or sports awards, or pictures of your company's humble beginnings and founding members to remember "way back when..."?

Pictures of your family ancestors or your company founders can remind guests of how far the family or company has come!


What's your style? Humorous, artsy, conservative, serious or whimsical? Let us help you express yourself and make your interior space stand out for your family, friends, employees or customers. 

Clearly an internet coffee shop interior would be different from a your den, a teen's bedroom, or the walls of a political think tank! There is even a difference between the interior of a conservative office and an entrepreneurial open-spaced work area. 

Set a mood and let people know your style by defining what is important to you, your family, and your company. Tom's Paint & Decorating can help you plan and execute those statements--contact in Wisconsin Rapids, WI us at 715-421-1555!
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